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Who is Strato? - Yia sas!

Yia sas is a Greek greeting that means be healthy, stay healthy!

Efstratios Kallintzis is my name. I know, it’s a little bit difficult to pronounce this name, if you don't speak Greek, so please call me Strato! Greece - Hellas is my country. What comes first to mind, hearing Greece?

I know, nowadays, first comes to mind the Greek debt, EU, IMF, ECB and the possible bankruptcy of Greece. But I'm sure your second thought is either about ancient history, philosophy, sciences, or about Athens, Sparta, Parthenon, 12 Olympian Gods, Olympic Games, Socrates, Hercules, Alexander the Great!

Or about sunny beaches, blue sky, relaxing vacations! Mykonos or Santorini? No matter what subject Greece brings to mind first. Hellas is all of these and much more and much less.

Who is Strato? - a small talk

I was born in the late 1950’s and during my life I have seen many great things. Times have changed and almost everything is different since I was born: environment, technology, communication, human relationships, and more. Only two things remain the same as time passes:

  • People’s effort to have, healthy mind, healthy body, prosperity!
  • People’s oppression by the ruler(s) of this world!

Music is one of my earliest loves and I was "married to" working as a professional musician for over 20 years. But, as you might know, a musician’s work starts late at night and ends early in the morning. That means I was sleeping during the day for most of those 20 years.

Ten years ago, God decided it was the right time for me to create a real family. So, Nataliya came into my life (as a divine present or punishment – I'm not always sure) and that was it! I decided to change professions and start sleeping during the night with my wife!

So far, so good, but who will employ an ex-musician with no other professional experience? I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in Greece is very difficult, if not impossible.

  • "Poor Strato..." I said to myself, "you want to sleep at night next to your wife, so you must find a day job!"

Then I thought,

  • "Strato, if you can’t find a job, create a business!"

And that time, my dearest friend, Kosta, told me about Aloe Vera and a business opportunity.

  • "Lucky Strato!" I said to myself, "here’s your business!"

Since then, I have only taken upward steps, in mind, health and prosperity!

Who is Strato? - Conclusion

This small talk is the "happy" version of "Who is Strato?" Since I believe that each concept has two sides, I'll talk about the "wild side" of "Who is Strato?" in "Common Solution". However, I invite you to use Aloe Vera and healthy natural nutritional supplements. Me, personally have never had serious health problems. I've always considered myself fortunate because I've only had some minor health issues, nothing major. I have always felt healthy.

But, after the first week of testing Aloe Vera products, I discovered a "new" Strato! I had so much energy like I only had a few times before. Minor abdominal, back and joint pains all disappeared! I was thinking more clearly and had excellent concentration! I was --and still I am-- so excited about Aloe Vera. I started reading all kinds of information about this miraculous plant and hopefully I learned a lot about how Aloe Vera can improve our body's health and subsequently, our mental mood.

Naturally, I adopted consuming daily Aloe Vera juice and vitamin C, as the main pillars of my body's health regimen. In the other hand, ginkgo biloba gives me a clear mind and sharp thinking. Bee propolis, this natural antibiotic helps keep me from catching colds and viruses. I use almost all of the products my business offers. Skin care, personal care and even, pet care products! I have a Pekingese or pekinoua dog named Shara, a Burmese cat named Heracles, and several fish. I even use Aloe Vera for my fish. I don't use the cosmetics... but Nataliya does!

Aloe Vera? Yes, keeps improving my health, but the best part is that my home business based on Aloe Vera keeps taking care of my bank account every month! So, you are all invited to join me to this trip to Prosperity. I intend to provide you with all of my knowledge about how “Aloe Vera Changes Lives” so hopefully, you can improve the health of your body and mind and reach prosperity.

I'll also give you information about how to reach e-business success, including support materials, tools, tips and techniques, since internet marketing is a part of e-business. It’s FREE to join, so JOIN NOW and start on the path to a financially independent future with FOREVER!

Joy and Health,
Tony - AloeveraChangeslives

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