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Who is Strato? - Common Solution

Assuming that each concept has at least two sides, "Who is Strato?" has also two sides! The first side, the "happy" version has been presented at Yia sas, Be Healthy! At this post, there were mentioned only the happy moments and the happy end. Now this part of the series is the one we'll talk about difficulties, dead ends, glitches and more stuff like this. We'll also talk about solutions to our problems and specially about a common solution for all our problems.

Brutal Reality

It is indeed very difficult to be 50 years old, without a steady job, and have a wife and child to support. It causes a lot of uncertainty and stress in the family. You have to pay bills… two or three loans (home, car, consumer), credit cards, etc.

  • Other necessities? - Endless!
  • Retirement? - What is retirement? An unknown word!

The only consolation is your spouse and your child.

Who is Strato? - Before...

If you were unmarried and had no children, perhaps life would be easier. Admittedly, in this case there are two sides, which at some later point we will analyze. Well, maybe not! You are not concerned so much for yourself. But you have two souls to protect, two loved ones. So you take courage! That's good. But you need to do something! What should you do?

Who is Strato? - One Solution for All the Problems

Obviously, you investigate your problems to find solutions! And if possible, to find a common solution that will cure two problems at the same time, or even better, three or four... But the very best thing is to find a common solution for all your problems.

I was in this situation, and because I agree with this approach, I tried many practical solutions. Some solutions failed, others did not give good results...all I can say is that I gained some valuable experience! Finally, I found a common solution for all of my financial problems.

"To produce value-added work, so I satisfy
those who buy this work and me too".

Yes, but what work or what product? Since I was always artistically inclined (or maybe not?), I decided to produce intellectual property, because this has more Added Value! Intellectual property rights (copyright) are the rights that singers, composers, lyricists, writers, and some few others, get when they write something.

Who is Strato? - Opportunity

I knew I had a lot of work to do to meet my long-term goals, so I immediately got into action. I started to write a fictional story titled "Tomato", which I certainly do not know when it will be finished, but it does not matter, sometime for sure! Moreover, this expression is familiar to all who work in the arts. You can't be sure where one starts or where one finishes a piece of art. It never ends!

The moment you think you finished it, you see some detail out of the corner of your eye, it ignites your imagination, and it starts another journey! At the same time, I did research to gather information about my goal, in other words, a common, workable solution for all of my problems. Then, Kostas, a friend of mine told me about a business opportunity.

Who is Strato? - Copyright

So, I went to a presentation meeting in Thessaloniki (my home-town) and while there was astonished to hear that, work produced for this company falls under the Intellectual Property Rights Act (copyright). What I mean is that, when working with this company, you own the "copyright" of your work. You continue to be paid over and over again for one specific work until you say goodbye to this vain world! And afterwards, your rights pass to your heirs!

In other words, a specified work produced at a specified time continues to pay you until you say goodbye this vain world! And after your rights, pass to your heirs! Immediately I realized that I had found the common solution for all my problems! I had found the information I needed! In order to solve a problem, you first need to know what IS the problem. Second, you need to obtain information that helps you find the solution. And third, you need to apply this information. Now I had to move to implementation, in other words, take action!

Who is Strato? - Action

The main occupation of a network marketer is to inform as many people as possible about the wonderful products and the unique system of compensation provided by the opportunity. There are two ways to do this. One is the traditional method, which is in general, to tell everyone he comes into contact with, beginning with family, then relatives and friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers, about the products and opportunity.

However, although generations of marketers have followed this method, and even if you say to someone that they can invest the cost and after a length of time can ensure a stable and adequate income, you do not really know if he to whom the information is given is indeed interested in it. Not only that, you usually only have access to only one, two, or sometimes a few more people at a time.

Who is Strato? - Internet

How can one person have access to many people simultaneously? And most importantly, how can one know that those who are listening (or reading) are really interested in what he is saying? With the Internet, of course! And more specifically, by building a website with all of the information collected and accessible to those who search, 24 hours a day!

Of course, I had very little experience with computers and I knew nothing about site building, much less "profitable site building". But certainly, if you are energized by a desire to succeed, you attract the tools and the right way, as a magnet attracts iron, provided it is in an environment that has iron. And in my case, this environment is the Internet.

Who is Strato? - Site Build It! - SBI!

So while I was searching and researching I discovered a company from Canada named SiteSell which provides an integrated product, Site Build It! - SBI! with which, one can build a profitable website from scratch! There is no need to be experienced in web development. You just need to know the basic computer functions! SBI! guides you step-by-step and corrects you, if necessary!

SBI! provides not only the tools, support, and services you need to build a website, but also the philosophy to follow as well, in order to have a profitable website. What is the quote of this philosophy?

"Keep it real!"

I never get tired reading the posts on the SBI! Forum by Dr Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell where he says:

"Keep it real!"

And this is what I believe too! And one last thing but most important:

"Keep it real!"

Joy and Health,
Tony - AloeveraChangeslives

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