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by Telly
(Limassol, Cyprus)

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How almost cured with Aloe Vera Gel

How almost cured with Aloe Vera Gel

Leucoderma white spots and patches or Vitiligo is known that has not any medical cure but aloe vera gel seems to be the natural remedy.

Aloe, this miracle plant, has many health benefits. A few years ago the first symptoms of vitiligo - white spots on the skin - began to appear on my face and my hands. After I had ignored these symptoms for a while and then I went to the doctor, I learned from him that there is no cure for signs of vitiligo with medication, but medicines can only give a little help.

However, I followed the recipe written by the doctor, two ointments and pills, but I had no obvious improvement in my condition except only a short time after applying the creams on my face. When these two ointments and the pills finished, I did not visit the doctor again. I thought that if there is no cure for vitiligo, there is no also reason to take further medication.

At that time coincidentally, a friend of mine recommended me the Aloe Vera Gelly, an ointment of pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel from Forever Living Products. This product is known because it's natural treatment on minor burns and cuts, minor injuries and skin diseases. Aloe Vera is also known for its properties of cell remediation and cell regeneration, ie anti aging properties.

So I thought that it was a good idea to implement Aloe Vera Gelly on my face after every shave instead of "after shave" lotion. And so I did. The result was unexpected! One month later my face skin had softened, had no wrinkles and more importantly, vitiligo signs on my face were almost invisible! Instead, vitiligo symptoms - the white spots of vitiligo - on my hands were still visible but now less.

I think that is because even if I did not implement Aloe Vera Gelly direct on my hands, using my hands to apply it on my face, a small amount of the gel always remained. But that small amount has not enough time to penetrate into the skin and fully treat it, because hands have always something to do, they are busy. But today, after about two years of regular use of Aloe Vera Gelly, there are not any vitiligo spots visible on either, my hands and face.

Thanks for reading!

Strato's Note:

Γεια σου Τέλλη, Hello Telly, what an amazing story! Thank you for your contribution. Well, we incline to forget the nature's herbal remedies and sometimes when we use them again by coincidence, we are pleasantly surprised from their natural power!

***Update*** Many visitors who read Aloe Vera true stories send me requests for more information about Aloe Vera Gelly from Forever Living Products. So, I quote some information below.

Historically, a major use of Aloe Vera was to aid in the treatment of minor skin irritations. Many households kept a live aloe, or “burn plant” for first-aid use. Essentially identical to the Aloe Vera’s inner leaf, Forever Living Product's 100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel lubricates sensitive tissue safely.

Aloe Vera Gelly from Forever Living Products

Aloe Vera Gelly

Specially prepared for topical application to moisturize, soothe and condition, Aloe Vera Gelly is a thick, translucent gel containing humectants and moisturizers. Readily absorbed by the skin, it soothes without staining clothes.

Aloe Vera Gelly provides temporary relief from minor skin irritations. It can also be used on the skin prior to ultrasonic treatment, or after electrolysis. Hairdressers use the Gelly around the hairline to protect the skin before perming and coloring.

From your bathroom cabinet to your first-aid kit, and from the kitchen to the campsite – Aloe Vera Gelly is an ideal companion for skin that needs a little extra care.

  • Quickly soothes the skin
  • Does not stain clothing
  • Ideal for any first-aid kit

Joy and Health,
Tony - AloeveraChangeslives

Comments for Vitiligo

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Jan 05, 2010
Thank you Telly!
by: Strato

Telly, you are the first contributing a story to Aloe Vera True Stories! And what an amazing story! 5*, Thanks again!

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives.com

Sep 29, 2010
Aloe vera : Thanks
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story. It has inspired me to buy the product for my daugther. She has also developed these white patches. It a year now that she is having lazer treatment but not very successful. I felt we need to look at natural product. Aloe vera from for ever living was the answer. My aunt has been using this product for years.

Jan 11, 2011
by: todd

any update on other people who used aloe vera gelly for vitligo.
what was the result?
how long it takes if any changes happen?
How many times u apply aloe vera gelly on ur skin a day?

Jan 13, 2011
by: Telly

Todd, after almost four years of everyday use of Aloe Vera Gelly from Forever Living Products, I have no more spots; or maybe I have but they are invisible.

And I mean everyday because I shave everyday. Of course there were days that I didn't shave and I didn't apply gel on my face.

I don't know if this that happened to me, will happen to everyone. I think that aloe takes time to give results because it is natural; and Nature has its own time. So, regular every day use of aloe vera gel will give results, I'm sure.

God bless us all! Happy New Year 2011

Jun 10, 2011
by: Mrs. Murthy

Telly told that applying Aloe Gelly itself the spots have vanished. If we take ALOE VERA GEL also. It will help a lot and result will be tremendous because Aloe Vera is having anti aging properties. Skin will nourish.

Jul 24, 2013
Vitiligo Pictures
by: Vitiligo Pictures

Vitiligo is a skin disorder due to the pigmentation lose in skin. The warning sign of Vitiligo is whitish color spots or patches on skin. Vitiligo Pictures

Feb 04, 2015
this is my testimony
by: Anonymous

I had vitiligo for 8 years, and I had tried all (PUVA, topical steroid, meladinine cream with exposure to sunlight/PUVA, oral meladinine, oil of bergamot). The vitiligo covered my neck, and one-fourth of my face. My dermatologists could not help me. Then somebody recommended me a natural treatment, and it worked for me very well. Now i'm cured. This helped me a lot: naturalvitiligotreatmentsystems.com

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