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Preserve And Store Aloe Vera

by John
(Piraeus, Greece)

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Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera plant
Aloe Vera leaf

How can I preserve and store Aloe Vera inner leaf gel for long time? I know that after removing it from the leaf you can keep it for 48 hours.

Strato's answer:

Almost all food are subject to oxidation when are exposed too long to the oxygen of the air. And so is the inner leaf gel from the Aloe Vera plant. The oxidation process begins exactly the moment Aloe Vera gel comes in contact with the air.

So, we have to put it straight in the fridge after we extract the gel from the leaf and consume it in no more than 3-4 days. If we want to preserve it for a longer time there are some ways.

Preservation of whole Aloe Vera leaf

One way is to not extract the gel from the leaf but to store the entire leaf. It is very simple and the process is as follows:

  • Cut by a vertical incision the thicker outer leaf from the outer part of a mature Aloe plant as low and close to the base of the plant as possible, taking care not to injure the body of the plant.
  • Press the edges of the incision to move closer to each other to minimize the cut surface and help it heal itself. (Aloe Vera has the property to secrete and cover the incision with a fibrous slime. This substance immediately protects the inner gel of the leaf from contact with the air. After a short time it dries, forms an air-impermeable web of fibers and gets a reddish brown color. Essentially, it heals the incision, imprisoning the unaltered gel into the interior of the leaf and thus preventing oxidation).
  • Wrap the leaf tightly
    with plastic transparent foil.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator or store it in a cool room. The thorns of the leaf must facing up.

You can preserve it for 10 to 15 days in the room or from 20 to 25 days in the refrigerator ( however it is better to be consumed as soon as possible). When the time comes, just cut the reddish edge, throw it away and extract the gel.

Preservation of Aloe Vera gel

If you want to preserve the gel for a longer time, you must add some substances that are essential for the preservation. These are vitamin C and vitamin E oil.


For 1 liter of Aloe Vera gel:

  • 8 gr. crystalline vitamin C (not effervescent tablets or chewable tablets).
  • 6000 IU vitamin E oil.


  • Remove the gel from the leaf, cut it into cubes and put them in a blender.
  • Add the vitamins and start the blender in low speed function.
  • Put the mixture in glass jars ( prefer them from plastics). Fill jars to ooze out and put the lid.
  • Keep the jars into the refrigerator.

The jelly in the jars will preserve for 6-8 months. If some gel cubes leftover, put them in ice cube trays into the freezer and have them at any time you need first aid for burns, sunburns, cuts, etc.

Stabilization process

There is also a special process patented by Forever Living Products. This process is called stabilization or cold pasteurization and its effect is to keep unaltered and as close as possible to the natural state the Aloe Vera gel, ready to consume it at any time and it is used as raw material for juices, creams and other products of Forever.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Jul 10, 2015
Vacuum seal
by: joan torres

Does it help to vacuumed seal for any long time storage?

Aug 27, 2015
Aloe vera
by: Amii

How can u use the skin of the aloe Vera; that is the green outer part??

Dec 02, 2015
Preservng aloe vera gel for long duration
by: javed khan

How to preserve the alovera gel for skin treatment for long time more than one or two month ?

Jan 30, 2016
I really appreciate your article it helped me preserve...
by: Maric

i really appreciate your article it helped me preserve my freshly cut aloe vera from my parents small garden. I'd been wondering how to travel with it without getting bad before i get to my destination.

Health wise this article will really encourage more people to extract and preserve. Aloe vera juice.

Apr 07, 2016
Preserving aloe Vera gel
by: Anonymous

To preserve the aloe Vera gel, you need to use crystalline vitamin C, where in the UK can I buy this or online please? Thanks

Aug 23, 2016
Aloe Vera Pulp NEW
by: Richpal Chaudhary

How can i keep aloe vera pulp for a long time

Sep 22, 2016
Aloe Vera n olive oil NEW
by: Anonymous

Can I mix aloevera gel into olive oil n keep it for 1 month

Sep 25, 2016
Poor Grammar NEW
by: Anonymous

Consider PROOF READING your article before posting.

Mar 27, 2017
Vitamin E oil NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, thanks for the information.

Just one question, to preserve aloe vera in the freezer it says you need 6000 IU vitamin E oil, but doesn't say how much is needed relative to the quantity of aloe vera gel...

Mar 27, 2017
How much vitamin E oil needed to preserve 1L aloe vera gel NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi there, thanks for the article.

There are many aloe vera plants growing wild near where I love so I would like to go harvest some and preserve it.

However, before I can do that, I have a question:
I would like to know HOW MUCH vitamin E oil is needed to preserve 1 litre of aloe vera gel.
Your article says you need 6000IU strength vitamin E oil but doesn't say HOW MUCH 6000IU vitamin E oil is needed per litre of gel.

I eagerly await your response :)

Jun 01, 2017
Aloe vera inquiry NEW
by: Nats

One liter aloe vera gel needs how many aloe vera leafs. If leaf size is 2.5 feet

Jan 02, 2019
Aloe Vera Gel
by: Jude

Nice article. I really love the way the article is detailed. One can also find a post about Aloe Vera here https://business.okakaa.com/2018/12/13/amazing-benefits-of-aloe-vera/

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