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Nutrition Routine - Present And Past

By Strato

Approximately 99% of Hellas - Greece's population is Orthodox Christian ...

... Our religion demands that we not eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese, butter or oil on Wednesday and Friday. We're also not supposed to drink milk, wine, or Ouzo, which is a Greek alcoholic traditional drink.

Megali Tessarakosti Food

Megali Tessarakosti Food

We can eat legumes, tomatoes, green salads, green onions, green garlic and olives. For 40 days before Easter and 40 days before Christmas, our religion asks that we fast in order to cleanse our bodies and spirits.

This is called 'Megali Tessarakosti', which means, 'Great 40 Days' in English. For generations, Greek people followed this tradition.

Personally, I can't remember having seen any obese elders. I do remember fit, happy people, smiling most of the time. They may have had less when it came to food, but they had enough.

Year by year, development increased and over-production gave us progress and a modern life style. Slowly but surely, I've noticed that Hellenes-Greek people have begun to shun the old ways and eat anything they please, whenever they please. I believe television is a big part of the problem.

MISKO - Macaroni

The first TV-commercial in Greece, was about "MISKO - Macaroni", and fast-food invaded our lives. I also think that the Food and Medicine industry decided that we are more profitable to them as ill and overweight.

The more overweight we are the more dependent we become on medicine as well as food, which ultimately adds to the coffers of both industries.

As a result, by 2008, Greek children were the most overweight in Europe. In fact, Hellenes-Greek people use more antibiotics than any other country in Europe! I also think that we use more energy and more water that we really need.

Unlike our grandparents and parents, we abuse our environment, forgetting what they taught us, which was to use only what we need. As a consequence, we are destroying the environment.

This phenomenon is global, making it a global crisis that can't continue. We not only face a financial crisis, but a health crisis as well. We have to get back to the basics and start treating our bodies and our environment better.

Joy and Health,
Tony - AloeveraChangeslives

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