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Lymphatic Circulation - Aloe Vera

by Lymphcirc

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Lymphatic Circulation

Lymphatic Circulation

Lymphatic Circulation
Lymph Vessels
Lymph Nodes

- Plays Aloe Vera any role in improving the lymphatic circulation?

... Can Aloe Vera juice consumed by lymphoedema patients to a better life? ... please advise.

Strato's answer: Hello Lymphcirc, thanks for asking.

Lymphatic Circulation

The capillary vessels are supplying all parts of our body with blood which arrives as arterial and leaves as lymph. Lymph is a watery fluid consisting of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells.

The lymph collects all unwanted and harmful substances such as bacteria, fatty acids and interstitial fluid from organs and tissues, while carrying white blood cells and other immune cells where there are harmful cells, so that can be destroyed.

Lymphatic circulation is a process by which the lymphatic system circulates a clear fluid called lymph throughout the body, but only in one direction: towards the heart. This is achieved through a network of vessels and organs:

  • the Lymphatic Vessels or Lymph Vessels
  • and the Lymph Nodes

Lymphatic Vessels or Lymph Vessels

These are similar to blood vessels of the circulatory system of the heart. Two lymphatic vessels when united become larger and develop pipelines.

Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes through the lymph vessels in the body, act as a trap or filter for impurities and harmful substances. It is also the place where lymph cells are produced and propagated, such as T-lymphocytes and B lymphocytes, which have the status of the destruction of cells impurities and are responsible for cellular immunity.

Operation of the Lymphatic Circulation

As this is an open system with no pump like the heart's circulatory system, lymphatic circulation is very slow and not continuous. The main drive mechanism of lymph are the contractions of skeletal muscles, who assist the contractions of the walls of lymphatic vessels. In this way, the lymphatic fluid drained effectively.

The stimulation of the muscles must be initiated starting from the legs and then thighs, buttocks and pectoral muscles. Good blood circulation also seems to help lymphatic circulation and contribute to muscle contractions.

Accelerating Lymphatic Circulation with Aloe Vera

An effective way to accelerate the speed of the lymphatic circulation is to apply Aloe Vera gel heat lotion and then do massage on legs, thighs, buttocks and chest twice a day.

It will increase blood circulation, heat up and prepare the muscle contraction. Daily application and massage for ten days will give a significant boost to the speed of the lymphatic circulation. However, before following this routine ask your family physician.

Lymphedema and Aloe Vera

Lymphoedema or Lymphedema is any edema (swelling) in the upper or lower extremes of the human body due to a malfunction - failure of the lymphatic vessels. The lymph heading to the heart of locations throughout the body, collects interstitial fluid, the fluid that accumulates in the outer membranes of cells.

When the lymph circulation is limited, the lymph can not remove the interstitial fluid fast enough and the resulting accumulation of excess fluid causes edema or swelling. Aloe Vera is antiseptic, antibacterial, and has anti-viral properties, helping the body eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria naturally.

Aloe is not only a natural cleansing food but also encourages, supports and increases lymphatic circulation, thereby stimulating the production of antibodies and thus our body can defend itself from infection. Therefore, Aloe Vera Gel juice - drink is ideal for people who suffer from lymphoedema, which is almost impossible to remedied without a strong immune system.

For direct use, smear of Aloe Vera Gelly two or more times a day, on armpit, groin, neck or breasts, etc.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Jun 21, 2011
Aloe Vera Gel juice - drink
by: Anonymous

Aloe Vera Gel juice - drink is #1 for immune system.

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