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Lose Fat Drinking Aloe Vera Juice For One Week

by Rose

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Aloe Vera and Weight Loss

Aloe Vera and Weight Loss

Aloe Vera and Weight Loss
Aloe Vera Inner Gel

I was amazed when I noticed that my big belly stomach had slim down. I started drinking Aloe Vera juice a week ago. Amazing Aloe Vera! Amazing Results!

Strato's Note:

Pleasant surprise with aloe

Rosa thank you for submitting your true story. I can understand the pleasant surprise you've had and I have to tell you that you're not alone. Many people who didn't knew much about Aloe Vera were amazed from the first time they used it. And more were amazed, these who had a negative opinion about aloe.

But basically if someone knows how Aloe Vera works, she can understand several issues surrounding the nutrition needs and the capabilities of our organism and thus can consider normal to lose fat and toxins (these two go together) drinking Aloe Vera juice for one week.

And of course, Rosa if you drink Aloe Vera daily or even, often during the week, you will help her body to have almost ideal weight and maintain it. About this let me explain.

Aloe Vera is food

First things first! Let's clear out that Aloe Vera and its pure derivatives (juices and creams with not other contaminants) are natural foods and not drugs and as food are recognized by the FDA. We can drink and/or eat them daily in reasonable quantities without side effects. And let's see now:

How fat is formed

When our organism needs vital nutrients in order to continue functioning, it triggers the hunger feeling through our brain. We realize this feeling and we start foraging to saturate our stomach and satisfy hunger. When we fill our stomach with food, the hunger feeling changes into a pleasant feeling of fullness. I.e. we eat to sate and we are rewarding with pleasure feeling. And so far so good.

Unhealthy foods and poor condition of our organism

Before we look at the process of digestion and absorption should bear in mind that foods and the combinations of these foods we eat nowadays are not as nutritious as required and in many cases they are even unhealthy. Also, in most cases the poor state of our body's functioning (due to accumulation of toxins and other harmful substances in our body), does not allow it to absorb even these modest nutrients from food.

Procedure of digestion and absorption of nutrients

Our body has now inside the stomach enough food, which will be dissolved and analyzed into simpler nutrients and other elements with the help of enzymes and other secretions. The mixture of these simpler elements will pass into the intestines, where the villi of the intestines (bowel thin appendages like small hairs) will absorb the nutrients, leaving the unneeded to carry forward for disposal.

But all this must be done at a certain time. Nutrients that will not be digested at this time, our body will "stock" them. That means it will make them fat. The fat, however, is the best friend of toxins. Toxins find place to "nest" in the fat.

Vicious cycle

Now, if the nutrients absorbed by our body are enough to regain our energy, all good. We don't feel hungry for several hours until we spend our energy and need to eat again.

But if our body has not absorbed the needed nutrients, it activates hunger again! We eat to satisfy hunger, the food we eat may still not meeting our needs, we have to eat more to find nutrients and we are engaged in a vicious cycle that promotes increased fat and toxins and diseases.

How Aloe Vera helps

Aloe Vera has all the necessary elements in its composition that will help the procedure of digestion and absorption and not only.

  • Helps stomach to dissolve foods due to Enzymes contained.
  • Cleans the surface of the villi of the intestines from other substances attached and allows villi to increase their absorptive capacity.
  • Cleans the intestines and especially the colon intestine from toxins and other harmful substances, thus easing the task of cleaning and other organs such as the liver and kidney and generally the whole body. So, fat is most easily convertible to energy, resulting in a reduction of its quantity.

Aloe Vera gel drink due to its natural composition provides in a friendly way vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and many other nutrients, immediately usable by our organism and promotes weight loss.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Jul 22, 2014
Aloe Vera for Diverticulitsis
by: Anonymous

Can someone let me know how much to take daily and how many times a day? Thanks

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