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How To Reduce Weight

by Priyanka Roy
(Howrah, W.B, India)

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How to Reduce Weight

How to Reduce Weight

How to Reduce Weight
Morning walk


Nowadays, obesity is a big threat for maximum human's life. In India, 62% of the people are dealing with this problem.

And this disease leads human's health to many complications. Following, there are some tips to reduce your body weight.

Diet Management

  1. An obese person should consume only 1100-1400 calories each day.
  2. About 50% should come from carbohydrate.
  3. Sugar should be limited, whereas fiber rich food should be consumed.
  4. Fatty foods should be avoided.
  5. Vitamins, minerals should be in adequate amount.
  6. Plenty amount of water should be ingested.

Diet Should be Followed

  1. Diet should be rich in fruits, green and yellow vegetables.
  2. Drink plenty water.
  3. Fat, butter, fatty foods, fried foods like fried fish - potatoes, pizza, burger should be avoided.
  4. All vitamins and mineral required, should be more than enough if there is absence of other complications.

Besides the diet, exercise and morning walk should be encouraged after consulting your dietitian or doctor.

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