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How Much Aloe Vera Can I Eat?

by Mauro
(Oranjestad, Aruba)

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How much Aloe Vera can I eat?

How much Aloe Vera can I eat?

How much Aloe Vera can I eat?
Aloe Vera products produced from the inner gel of the aloe leaf
Increase in visits to WC

I just have a question...greetings btw :) I just wanna know how much Aloe Vera I can eat a day? ...

... I've heard it's poisonous if u eat too much a day ( even the gel part ) thnx! :)

Strato's answer:

Hi Mauro, Thanks for the question.

It's amazing, when one of "your questions" expands the circle of others of "your questions". It makes a positive contribution to the creation of a community of questions and answers, with obvious benefits for your better and easier information.

Mauro, your question fits in these two "Your Questions Answered":

I recommend to read them both, to get more answers on how, when, how long to use aloe and more.

Is it poisonous to eat too much aloe in a day?

In my opinion, no matter what you eat, if you eat too much in a day is potentially:

  • poisonous
  • harmful or
  • without more benefits

And aloe belongs to the last category.

There is not any additional benefit, whether I consume an entire bottle of aloe juice in a day, or I consume the normal consumable amount of 100 ml (40 - 50 ml twice daily) of aloe juice.

Our body will simply absorb so many substances as needed and will reject the rest, via urine or else, as soon as possible. Apparently, if I drink 1000 ml Aloe Vera juice a day, I will feel some stimulation, a little strange and certainly an increase in visits to WC. But, I am sure, nothing more! Economically, yes! is harmful! Because you spend 90% of what you pay to the WC!

I note, that I refer to products that I personally consume each day, produced from the inner gel of the aloe leaf. "The gel part" of Aloe Vera without the husk leaf, the rind, safely is edible part of the aloe plant. So, we can eat and drink aloe fearlessly, but remember: Aloe Vera is good for our body when consumed in small, equal amounts every day!

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

Comments for How Much Aloe Vera Can I Eat?

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Apr 12, 2011
Consider the negatives of Aloe Vera ingestion...
by: Thais

"Our body will simply absorb so many substances as need and will reject the rest, via urine or else, as soon as possible"

Obviously all of the toxins that we consume do not simply exit the body. They must pass through the kidneys and require the liver to struggle as well. This in turn can have negative effects on the rest of the body systems. e.g. Hepatits, weak kidneys, diahrea, dehydration, etc.

Is the price that our kidneys and liver pay for the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice worth the negative effects that come with it?

Apr 12, 2011
by: Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

Yes, toxins we consume will not exit the body easily.

But aloe vera substances are not toxins. They are vitamins, minerals and microelements. Nutritional elements.

And in opposition of toxins, nutritional elements are rejected from our body after some time if are not absorbed.

Aloe vera substances are rather helpful, but certainly not harmful for the kidneys and liver.

Jul 18, 2012
about Aloe vera
by: deepak mukherjee

i want to ask that Aloe Vera is also good for acidity problems and hair losing also

Jul 18, 2012
@deepak mukherjee
by: Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

Yes, aloe vera can help in acidity problems and also in hair losing. Copy this link


and paste it in your browser to read more about aloe and hair loss.

Mar 17, 2016
it is safe to eat alovera gel for a long time
by: Tony bola

i have internal bleeding with no cause found . aloe Vera gel is helping me. i eat it in the morning and after- noon i would say 6 table spoons 2in of the plant, i would like to know if it is safe to keep drinking it for a long time 1or 2 years every day . thank you

Jun 22, 2016
course of use of aloe vera NEW
by: Anonymous

How many days can we use aloe vera, is it any course to eat only one week or one month please advise.

Jul 22, 2016
diabetic NEW
by: pepito

I am diabetic type 2 and it is in our genes.I am eating fresh aloe vera cause I had seen an Indian guy direct in his garden and took one vine wash it and finish all the way. Now I research and a lot of benefits to the body inside and outside benefits.My question is can I drink aloe vera juice also together eating fresh aloe vera and how much you comsume a day.

Warm regards,


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