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Fibre Sometimes Friends, Fibre Sometimes Enemies!

by Priyanka Roy
(Hawrah, W.B, India)

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Fibre is one of non nutritional food

Cereals, pulses, fruits with skin, vegetables are the best source of fibre.Though it is non nutritious, it has a great effect on much disease. So nowadays, it is very essential to consume fibre. However, fibre has adverse effects in some other disease. Well, let's discuss about:

Fibre sometimes friends, Fibre sometimes enemies!

Fibre friends

  1. Constipation: Nowadays, constipation is a common problem in every house due to lack of fluid intake, irregular habit, etc. but among these reasons most common reason of constipation is lack of fibre intake. Fibre is not only helpful in soften of stool but it also helps in movement of bowl. So our diet should be rich in fibre.

  2. Diverticulosis: If constipation occurs for a long period of time then it may be leading to diverticulosis. It is a G.I tract problem.

  3. Diabetes: Nowadays it is also a very common problem. In diabetes mellitus, can be given 55% carbohydrate, but it should mainly come from polysaccharides that are fibres. And this is because fibre helps to reduce blood sugar level, which is very helpful in this disease.

  4. Obesity: It is very common problem in 80% house. Here fibre comes with its remedial effect on obesity. An obese person should consume a maximum amount of fibre to loose weight.

Fibre enemies

Fibre has also adverse effects in some disease. So in that case we should stop eating fibre. As fibre is a mechanical irritant, in some disease plays adversely and sometimes it may cause of bleeding from rectal. These disease are:

  1. Peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer disease.
  2. Piles and hemorrhoids
  3. Diarrhoea

So, fibre should be limited in these diseases.

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