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Can I Get Cured From Crohn's Disease By Aloe Vera?

by Randa Haddad

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Can I get cured from Crohn's disease by aloe?

Can I get cured from Crohn's disease by aloe?

Can I get cured from Crohn's disease by aloe?
Girl with abdominal pain
Aloe Berry Nectar

- Hello Dear, I am Randa Haddad from Lebanon. I have Crohn's disease since 2003 and I suffered so much ...

... Now I am fine because of a medical treatment. I have already began eating Aloe Vera 2 days ago but I need from you to help me more and lead me how to eat it in a good and healthy way.

  • Can I get cured from this illness by Aloe Vera?
  • Is it possible that I can stop my treatment forever after using aloe?
  • How long does it take to be cured finally?

Thanks for your cooperation, Best regards.

Strato's answer:

Hello Randa, thank you for the question and thank God that now you are fine. Dear Randa, keep drinking or eating aloe! In not-so long terms, you will feel the benefits of Aloe Vera overall your health. But, notice that aloe is not a medicine. We can not replace medical treatment with it. Aloe Vera is food! And, as we must eat food every day, we must also eat/drink aloe every day.

Can you get cured from Crohn's disease by Aloe Vera? Not exactly! Aloe doesn't cure Crohn's disease. Aloe supports our body and this aloe-enhanced body, itself fights back the diseases and wins! However, the only person that can tell you to stop your medical treatment is only your doctor. Consult always your doctor about medical treatments.

Randa, continuously every day use of aloe will provide to our bodies, this "something missing" and our body will do the rest. And don't think that this "something missing" is something magical. Simply, it is the essential vitamins, minerals and other elements, those that aloe in abundance provides and they are missing from our daily nutrition.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Mar 06, 2011
Can aloe vera cure diverticulitis?
by: Anonymous

About two years or so ago I had my first bout of diverticulitis, and even though I avoid the foods I was told to, I have had recurring episodes.

This last one had me in the hospital due to an absess. I am researching the causes of this aweful disease and have heard quite a bit about aloe vera lately.

How long has aloe vera been used? Is it really safe? Has anyone you know of been cured of diverticulitis/diverticulosis issues?

Thank you,

Mar 07, 2011
About "Can aloe vera cure diverticulitis?"
by: Strato - Aloeverachangeslives

@Kathy I will answer your question but not here, in this comment space. In a few days, AloeveraChangeslives will publish a new page with your question and my answer.

Meanwhile, please submit your question again here and so, I can let you know, when the page is live.

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