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Can I Eat Raw Aloe Vera?

by Gowtham K

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Raw Aloe Gel

Raw Aloe Gel

Raw Aloe Gel
Mature Aloe Barbadensis Miller Plant
Aloe  Leaf's Inner Gel

Can I eat raw Aloe Vera by just removing its outer layer and washing the jelly like substance?

Strato's answer:

Hello Gowtham, thanks for the question. Of course we can eat the inner gel of the leaf of the aloe plant. Besides, when we have to buy processed Aloe Vera products, our goal is to buy products containing stabilized Aloe barbadensis Miller, because this form of aloe is as closer as possible to the raw inner gel of the aloe leaf.

Be sure that the aloe plant, from which after removing its outer layer you get the inner gel of the leaf, must be 4 to 5 years old, so is mature and able to offer you all the beneficial ingredients.

Then, follow a simple purification process of the internal gel of the leaf. A good washing with water and let it overnight inside a bowl full of water. The next day you can use the inner gel of the aloe leaf, for all known uses.

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Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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