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Aloe vera wonderful plant

by Aisha Copeland
(Yonkers NY 10705)

My name is Aisha Copeland I been using aloe plant for many years to heal aliments within my body. I began to do extensive research to explain my mind to actually understand the healing properties within this plant.

I started making smoothies I incorporated Aloe vera plant, pomegranate, cranberries black berries blue berries,orange lemon lime to maintain a healthy immunity within my body, it's my daily regime.

While doing the research I found out its a marvelous plant To improve a nervous system ,skeletal structure brain function, repair reproduction system, anti aging formula to produce red and white blood cells, it's good for lung purification and development. To rejuvenated your skin. It provide a excellent source of energy. It also does a lot more to repair and reconnect tissue and organs within our body.

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