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Aloe Vera Used For Kidney Problem in Diabetics?

by Jeanine

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Aloe Vera Inner Gel

Aloe Vera Inner Gel

My mother is a diabetic and has low kidney function and has heard that Aloe Vera tablets would be helpful. Is this true?

Strato's answer:

Hello Jeanine, thanks for asking. I wish health and happiness for your mother, you and your entire family. Dear Jeanine, Aloe Vera is not a medicine prepared in the laboratory; it's the best natural nutritional supplement! It is a natural food. Gandhi in India during the hunger strike he did, he was drinking small amounts of aloe every day and actually, he was replenishing some way the essential nutrients his body needed.

But Aloe Vera contains substances, that may not be compatible with some of the substances in a prescription drug. For this reason, people taking prescription drugs should always check for this with their family doctor before using Aloe Vera or any other herbs.

I insist, if your mother is taking prescription drugs to talk to your doctor first, before she use aloe! I have no particular opinion about the Aloe Vera tablets, because I've never used them and I do not know what from they are made. But I know what Aloe Vera gel can do, this clear jelly-like material obtained from the inner of the leaf.

Caution: I refer to Aloe Vera gel and not to Aloe Vera latex (also known as "aloe juice" sometimes) which is just below the outer green skin of the plant. It is yellow in color and has a bitter taste. High doses of aloe latex are associated with renal failure and other serious diseases. Internal use of Aloe Vera latex may turn the urine red and also may cause kidney problems and abdominal pain. Aloe latex is sold as a dietary supplement in juice form or as dried beans.

Well, Aloe Vera gel drink is said, that offers protection to the kidneys from damage normally caused by diabetes because it is one of the best cleansing of the colon and kidneys. And clean kidneys, means high kidney function. It should also be noted that aloe has adaptogenic properties and aloe's components work synergistic, therefore aloe may help our body to balance and function better.

In addition to cleanse your kidneys, the surest way to high kidney function is cleansing also the colon and the liver, to facilitate the work of the kidney on filtering toxins from the blood. Aloe Vera gel drink when consumed daily and with proper dosages, cleanse the most of our body's internal organs, day by the day. Low protein diet such as fruits and vegetables and reduce of salt, also helps to better kidneys function.

If you are overweight or have diabetes, you may need to limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Talk to your doctor. Avoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Also coffee and tea with caffeine. Keep safe from the harmful effects of internal and external environment.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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