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Aloe Vera Products To Cure Acne Pimples?

by Alveprcuacpi

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Acne Pimples

Acne Pimples

Acne Pimples

- What Aloe Vera products can be used to cure acne pimples and remove scarring?

Strato's answer:

Thank you for your question. Let's talk first about what is acne and how scarring is formed, to figure out what causes this problem and then we talk about what Aloe Vera products to cure acne pimples and remove scarring can be used.

What is acne;

Acne is a skin condition. Inflammations to sebaceous glands and hair follicles, cause redness, flaky skin, skin rashes, swelling of the skin, pimples, and finally scarring. It occurs mainly during adolescence and almost 90% of young people have suffered from it. But acne also appears frequently in adults.

What causes acne;

Increased production of the hormone testosterone and of the natural oils in the body during puberty is responsible for the formation of acne. However, other physical and genetic factors may play a role too. Stress, psychological disorders, unhealthy diet and irregular living habits can also cause acne.

How scarring is formed;

Scarring can develop after severe cases of acne, or when the acne pimples has been forcibly picked or scratched. Scars are the result of the fibrous tissue which formed on the skin so as to repair other broken tissues. When there is an injury, our body produces these tissues to restore as quickly as possible the wounded skin site.

Of course, the primary purpose of our body is to close the wounded skin site, to prevent further infections without bothering at all about aesthetics. The cell that our body produces are not identical to the original corrupted cells. And thus scars formed.

Aloe Vera products for acne and scarring.

Pure Aloe Vera gel is a highly effective natural acne treatment and excellent to address the remaining scars. When taken internally as Aloe Vera juice, helps to clean and detoxify the body. Detoxified body is a healthier body and has a healthier skin. Topical Aloe Vera skin cream or lotion can be applied to pimples, in the infested areas and scars.

Research has shown that the rich in natural ingredients Aloe gel has soothing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. It softens the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, helping to eliminate the symptoms of acne. Apply the gel on acne scarring to soften and reduce it. Helps to regenerate skin, so the permanent acne marks can be replaced with a smooth, healthy skin.

After a few weeks, you feel the spots of acne to be less visible and with the continuously use of the gel the marks will be removed completely within a few months. Moreover, the combination in one product of the mild astringent properties of stabilized Aloe Vera gel (at least 6 antiseptic agents have been reported that support the body's ability to fight infections), bee propolis, vitamins A, E and chamomile leaves us sure that we'll avoid future infections and offers perhaps the greatest benefit in fighting against acne.

For washing and cleaning our face, before apply the gel is appropriate to use soaps containing a generous amount of Aloe.

Anti - acne skin care routine with Aloe Vera products.

For better results to your anti-acne skin care routine, adopt a daily skin care routine with Aloe Vera products and stuck with it.

  • Morning

  • Noon

    --Indicated only for severe cases of acne-- Reiterate your morning's anti-acne skin care routine.
  • Evening

    Use Aloe Vera as a night mask. Wash first your face with Aloe Vera liquid soap and then apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected areas and go to bed.

Other products for acne and scars.

Vitamin A is also a natural and effective acne treatment. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin. Vitamin E also helps fight acne. It is a natural antioxidant and beneficial for the skin. Forever A-Beta-CarE is an essential formula combining vitamins A (beta-carotene) and E, plus the antioxidant mineral Selenium. Antioxidants are vital in the fight against free radicals (chemical molecules that arise from pollutants in the body and damage healthy cells).

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Jun 21, 2011
aloe vera juice
by: Anonymous

Drinking aloe vera juice also helps...

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