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Aloe Vera Products Are Free From Aloin?

by Alveprfral

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Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products

I want to know if Forever Living Products - FLP's Aloe Vera products are free from aloin. Thanks.

Strato's answer:

Hi Alveprfral, thanks for the question. It should be noted that there is a substance in the outer bark of the aloe leaf, the Aloin. This if taken in large quantities acts as a powerful laxative.

We can also find Aloin in the inner gel of the leaf, but in appropriate proportions, such that the synergistic action of all the substances in the inner gel of the aloe leaf have such a dose of laxative, as really needed. So, all aloe products should have that right aloin mix. Otherwise, the composition of aloe is changing and it is not as efficient.

FLP's products are produced exclusively from the inner gel of the aloe leaf. Forever Living Products recycles the bark of plants and uses them as fertilizer on the plantations. FLP's products are not free from aloin. But they have just as much aloin as is needed!

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Feb 17, 2017
Does alovera gel contain intestine irritent substant
by: Vinod singh

I am suffering from ulcerative colitis, can I take forever aloevera gel, I am confused if it has any intestinal irritent substance.

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