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Aloe vera, Hair miracle of the middle east!

by Rawand Fagih
(Saudi Arabia)

Alsalam Alaikom, My name is Rawand
I'm just a normal girl in my early 20's from Saudi Arabia..
I've been obsessed since a long time ago with the aloe plant." صبار"
As you all know its a desert here, so we have it almost in every corner:D
Nobody even cares about this gold they have in there backyard!

But anyways..
From my personal experience, aloe vera juice is miracle for dandruff, once i get dandruff i put it and BOOM ! its gone! Mashallah!

Also, it really minimises hair falling!
gives this amazing shine and strength to the hair!
I originally have thick and long hair mashallah, so i don't know if it makes hair grow, but i sure know it maintained it.
but i have a friend that used to put it on her hairline and it made her hair grow.

I'm planning to complete my residency in the states, and of course I've been looking up ways to store this baby so i can take it with me, its practically my oxygen that i can't live without!

How do i put it in my hair?
just take a leaf, extract it fresh everyday.
put it only on my scalp and massage 2 mins before applying, and 2 mins after applying.
then i do the inversion method and massage for 4 mins and keep it as long as i can.
then wash it out with water it doesn't matter.
make sure your hair is clean before applying..

other stories:
my aunt has this beautiful long hair mashallah and she's old though, she's been using aloe since she was young, also she doesn't have a lot of white hair.
it keeps hair black for the longest time possible, (unless its genetic)
use it you won't regret it!!

its superb!
try it,,
See how most indians have this beautiful hair and there secret is coconut oil?
Us desert people is ALOE VERA.


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