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Aloe Vera Does Increase Strength?

by StrenIncr

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Aloe Vera Enhances Strength

Aloe Vera Enhances Strength

- Can Aloe Vera be consumed internally to increase strength?

Strato's answer:

Hello StrenIncr, thanks for asking and ... my answer in your question in a single word is, Yes! Aloe Vera can be consumed to enhance strength! Many ancient civilizations used Aloe Vera gel to increase their strength and to handle difficult situations, such as walking on uneven and steep terrain or through a desert or even to survive in times of lack of food, epidemics and geological upheavals.

My personal experience of the daily internal consumption of Aloe Vera also contributes positively. I am 52 years old, I smoke - trying to quit - and nevertheless every morning as soon as I wake up and get out of my bed, I do 50 pushups. I can get up and down stairs easily and generally I have sufficient strength.

Strength increase

Increased or decreased strength is --among others-- the result of how well function our organism. Good function - more strength, bad function - less strength. It happens just like in every performance and mechanical operation. As better a machine operates, as much more this machine gives back.

And that's why we do regular maintainance to our car machine and make sure that it has all the necessary for proper operation. The same we should also do with our body. We should take care our selves and supply daily our body with all the necessary nutrients needed for proper operation. And daily internal consumption of Aloe Vera gel drink can actually does this.

Aloe Vera and strength increase

Aloe Vera gel contains concentrated and in natural ratio that allows the synergistic effect, all those substances which our body needs to function properly. If we would procure all these substances from other sources, would have to consume a wide variety of foods and in large quantities.

Again, not getting the physical analogy, we would not have synergistic effect of the substances. And because human body, unlike machines, has self-healing capacities - immune system -, the integration of internal consumption of aloe in our daily diet can offer improvements in many functions of our body and thereby returning to the normal any malfunction.

Aloe Vera improve of body's functions

Metabolism improve

Aloe Vera contains 18 amino acids - protein building material - from the 23 which our body needs to synthesize proteins - reticular formation of various amino acids - and tissues. Note that from the 23 amino acids that our body needs, the 8 must be taken from food. 7 out of these 8 amino acids are contained in Aloe Vera.

Furthermore, it contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium and sodium, which are essential for the metabolism and function of cells. Thus, Aloe helps to promote proper metabolism, namely the production and supply of the required energy of our body.

Blood circulation improve

Aloe contains a wide variety of vitamins like B1, B5, B6, B12, A and C. Vitamin C stimulates and improves blood circulation and the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In combination with other msubstances dilates capillaries, increasing blood flow.

Vitamin C is not produced by our body and therefore need to receive from food. This vitamin is very important for strengthening immune system, circulatory and digestive system and contributes in preventing many diseases.

Cell regeneration - detoxification

Aloe contains substances that help to create new cells and elimination of old. The presence of calcium in Aloe Vera, regulates the amount of liquid contained in cells and maintains a balanced internal and external environment of the cell. This helps to maintain healthy cells in all the tissues of our body.

Aloe contains uronic acid, which removes toxic materials from the interior of cells. Thanks in potassium containing Aloe Vera improves and stimulates the liver and kidneys, main organs of detoxification.

Exercise and lactate

During high-power activities, such as sprinting, climbing, bodybuilding, when the demand for energy is high, our body produces lactate faster than the ability of the tissues to remove it. Lactate concentration begins to rise between the muscles preventing them to function by pressing them.

That's how we feel tired or with no more strength. So we must slow down, so the rate of produced lactate goes down and tissues are able to remove it, ie. to rest for a while and to take a breath. The increased lactate produced can be more easily removed with well-oxygenated muscle cells and proper liver function. Aloe Vera helps the most with both of them.

Better absorption of nutrients

Aloe contains enzymes necessary to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins in our stomach, so our body can easily absorb these nutrients.

Daily internal consumption of Aloe Vera indeed increase strength

From all these above we can easily understand that Aloe Vera gel drink improves the functioning of our organism and increases our strength, durability and efficiency in a physical way.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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Jun 21, 2011
Ωραίο σκίτσο
by: Ρ. Σ.

Φίλε το σκίτσο του Πόπαϋ είναι τέλειο!...

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