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Aloe Vera Causes Weight Loss?

by Steven
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Yes, slowly but steady, as a tortoise!

Yes, slowly but steady, as a tortoise!

Yes, slowly but steady, as a tortoise!
Concentrations of fat appeared on my stomach and my waist
Push ups
Aloe Vera Gel drink

Aloe Vera causes weight loss and this is not so weird!

My body always was in good shape, but from a certain age and then, some fat concentrations appeared on my stomach and round my waist. Not a big deal and I had ignored it, until I had a discussion with a friend of mine. He said to me that drinking Aloe Vera juice will detoxify and reinforce my body.

So my detoxified and reinforced body easily will dissolve the extra fat. That's how Aloe Vera causes weight loss! I knew that aloe helps and protects skin and strengthens the immune system, but I had never seen this big picture described by my friend.

I started drinking a small amount of Aloe Vera juice three times a day, before eating. At the same time I started to do a few push ups, two - three times a day.

On the first week I managed less than 15 push ups each time! The second week I went up to 20. The third week 25 to 30 and at the fourth week I managed 30+ push ups. And so on.

The most important is that four weeks later, the extra fat I had, it had disappeared. I'm still drinking Aloe Vera juice every day and I'm feeling healthier and stronger than ever.

Thanks for reading - Steven

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Jan 17, 2010
by: Strato

Steven, thank you for your contribution. 5*
Strato - AloeveraChangeslives.com

May 31, 2011
by: Mrkhenry

Nice one and great edifying about causes weight loss.
Thank you.. usfarmsinc.com

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