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Aloe Vera And Eye Problems

by Ibrahim

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Eye Cross-Section

Eye Cross-Section

- Good day. How can I use Aloe Vera to treat my brother's eye problems? He always complains of seeing like smoke. Thanks!

Strato's answer:

Hello Ibrahim, thank you for the question. I'll try to answer it, hoping that I'll give a nice chance to all the readers of this page to find answers to similar problems.

At first, my advice is that your brother should be examined by an Ophthalmologist (Ophthalmologists are physicians who diagnose and treat diseases that affect the eyes) the sooner the better! Indeed Aloe Vera can help and benefit our health, but at least we must first know exactly our health's condition.

General, most of the times an eye problem is part of an overall health problem. In the other hand, the lack of certain vitamins and other nutrients from the food we eat, which are essential for our body's nutrition, is the common root of the most health problems.

So, enhancing our nutrition with natural supplements like Aloe Vera drink and bee caps that are full of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, antioxidants and other healthful elements, is a natural way to prevent the expand of a health problem because our body's immune system has been reinforced and is ready to face it. From my research I found that there are several reasons for someone to complain of seeing like smoke.

Cataracts is a reason for blurred vision or decreased vision. The lens of our eye in normal condition is clear. If the lens becomes cloudy, this condition is known as cataracts. It is like seeing behind a waterfall -- cataract is the Greek word for the waterfall -- and thus the name.

Cataracts develops faster if there are some environmental factors, such as extensive exposure to excessive ultraviolet light or sunlight, other toxic substances, smoking areas, automobile exhaust etc. that cause oxidation. Oxidation is the major reason of why the lens of our eye becomes cloudy.

Diabetes is a condition that affects many organs in our body and can cause blurred vision. Diabetic retinopathy is a damage to the eye's retina that occurs with long-term diabetes and is caused by damage to blood vessels of the retina. Retina is the layer of

tissue at the back of the inner eye. It changes light and images that enter the eye into nerve signals that are sent to the brain.

Retinal detachment is another reason for blurred vision or decreased vision. Often occurs on its own without an underlying cause. However, it may also be caused by trauma, diabetes, an inflammatory disorder, etc. It is most often caused by a related condition called posterior vitreous detachment.

Retina is a transparent tissue in the back of the eye. It helps us see the images that are focused on it by the cornea and the lens. Retinal detachments are often associated with a tear or hole in the retina through which eye fluids may leak. This causes separation of the retina from the underlying tissues.

Retina is normally red due to its rich blood supply. An ophthalmoscope allows a health care provider to see through our lens to the retina. If the provider sees changes in the color or appearance of the retina, this may indicate a disease. That means that the more blood goes to the retina the better. Eye injuries is also a reason for blurred vision.

Consider of taking Vitamin A, (Beta-Carotene), C and B2 (Riboflavin). The principal antioxidants in the lens of the eye are Vitamin C and E. Both are needed to activate glutathione. (Glutathione is a protein fragment which protects the eye from damage produced by free radicals.) It has been found that the absence of these vitamins encourages the growth of cataracts.

We can supply our body with all these vitamins in a natural way, adopting Aloe Vera Gel drink in our daily routine. Another nutritional supplement specially for our vision is the Forever Vision from Forever Living Products.

Forever Vision from Forever Living Products

Forever Vision is a dietary supplement with bilberry, lutein and zeaxanthin, plus super antioxidants and other nutrients.

  • Bilberry, a popular traditional herb, can support normal eyesight and improve circulation to the eyes.
  • Lutein, a common carotenoid found in many vegetables and fruits, can help protect the retina.
  • Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin are other carotenoids that are important to the eye’s macular health.

With just 2 tablets per day, Forever Vision is an easy way to help us keep looking clearly into the future!

  • Provides Bilberry, Lutein and Zeaxanthin
  • Supports normal eyesight
  • Keeps us looking into the future

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

Comments for Aloe Vera And Eye Problems

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Jun 21, 2011
Eating fish
by: F_E

Eating fish helps eye problems!...

Feb 16, 2015
Aloe Vera supplement and benefits in cornea
by: Anondrdrymous

Hello and thanks for the information about aloe Vera . I am the ophthalmologist that treat Mr Ibrahim brother . He has a failed cornea following several eye surgeries (corneal de compensation ) he on top of that developed a corneal infection left him with a dense scar which is getting better following treatment.

The supplement is sounds good and helpful for patients with retinal problems and may be slowing the progress of cataract through activating glutathione activity, but I don't think it will help his smoky vision which is from his cloudy cornea. He need lubrication most at the moment.

Corneal transplant is another option but his retina is damaged from failed retinal detachment and the option is not valid.
I will appreciate your advice . And thanks for a nice topic.

If it's available in Sudan I will suggest it to my patients.

Kind regards
Dr Nurelhuda
Consultant Ophthalmologist

Feb 17, 2015
@Dr Nurelhuda
by: Strato (ex owner) AloeVeraChangeslives

Dr Nurul Huda, thank you for your kind words.
About Mr Ibrahim's brother. I understand that it is a very "heavy" situation. And it took long time for their eyes to have this smoky vision from the cloudy cornea.

I think that now, besides any medical treatment, the patient must have patience.
Nature has its own time and we must give her this time. It is how it works by my opinion.

Continuing without interruption a diet based on nutrients the eyes need, and with your medical care Dr Nurul Huda, I hope hopefully Mr Ibrahim's brother would be able to see the future clearer.

Joy and health.

May 14, 2015
sesame seeds
by: Anonymous

you should try consuming sesame seeds maybe half a teaspoon a day

Sep 30, 2015
Detached Retina
by: Anonymous

Mine is a question and not a comment on Aloe vera and Forever Living supplements. My husband has lost his sight in his left eye due to a detached retina. The eye can only see some light that filters through. It has been like this for 4 years. Is there a chance of him recovering his sight and which supplements should he use?

Sep 27, 2016
One eye no vision NEW
by: Anonymous

My relatives 7 year old daughter lost vision in his one eye. what product I gave her?

May 28, 2018
Products NEW
by: Ann Nwosu

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