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Aloe Face Cream For Greasy Skin

by Shahida
(London, UK)

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Aloe face cream for greasy skin

Aloe face cream for greasy skin

Aloe face cream for greasy skin
Aloe Vera Gelly
Aloe Liquid Soap

- Can you please tell me if aloe face cream and aloe face wash are good for greasy skin?

Strato's answer:

Hello Shahida, thanks for asking. Let's find out first what causes greasy skin or oily skin. Greasy or oily skin have mostly the teenagers, because the growth hormone during puberty stimulates the sebaceous glands and they produce more oil.

This excess oil makes the face glowing, particularly under the central panel, --nose, forehead and chin--, also known as T-zone. However, the problem is not limited to a specific age group. Many factors can cause greasy or oily skin.

Genetics is one of the factors. There are chances a child also to have oily skin, if the parent or parents have oily skin. Gender may be another factor. Men have more oily skin than women. Nutrition is also a factor. Eating specific food causes some sort of extra oil production in the skin. Also, the ups and downs of pregnancy hormone can cause greasy or oily skin.

Even some people just have more oily skin than others. For them there is not much that can be done to cure the problem, but symptoms can be controlled and minimized. For the teenagers, let them just wait a couple years to get rid of oily skin.

Aloe Vera and greasy or oily skin

The skin produces natural oils (sebum), to construct an impermeable barrier and thus does not lose moisture and dehydrated. The better hydrated is our skin, it is reasonable, the less natural oils to produce. That is, a well-hydrated skin is less oily.

Aloe Vera gel is known as the best herb for moisturizing skin. Researches showed that moisturises 7 times more than water. It is therefore obvious that applying Aloe Vera Gelly on our face, we hydrate it properly and we avoid excessive oil production.

The pores of the skin of people with oily skin type is expanded and prone to blackheads, acne problems and accumulation of pollutants. Therefore, oily skin has special cleaning needs for keeping pores clean and to prevent accumulation of dirt on the surface of the skin.

Aloe Vera gel contains about 200 different components. Among them are the lignin and saponin.

  • Lignin is a substance that has the ability to break through all layers of the skin and carries with it all, beneficial to the skin, components of aloe to combat the problem at its roots, not only superficially in the skin.
  • Saponin is a substance which has a spongy cellular form and has the ability to clean the points with which it comes into contact.

Using Aloe Liquid Soap for washing our face, we are confident that we have done right and deep cleaning in our face and that we also benefit from the other benefits of Aloe Vera for our skin.


Wash your face at night before bed, with Aloe Liquid soap. Apply Aloe Vera Gelly on your face and let it absorb for a few minutes and then sleep. Repeat the next morning and noon.


Avoid fatty foods. If you have too oily skin, adopt a diet rich in proteins but restricted in sugar and salt. Also, eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit.

Joy and Health,

Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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