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Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel

Stabilization Process

Stabilized Aloe Vera gel is the result of the stabilization process of raw Aloe Vera inner gel. Stabilization is an absolutely necessary process to prevent oxidation of the fresh inner gel. Once we cut a leaf from an aloe plant, the same moment the inner gel of the leaf is vulnerable to the air effects.

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If the inner gel, after has extracted from the leaf, stays exposed to the air for some minutes, its color begins to darken --just like when we cut an apple into slices and leave it exposed to the air for some minutes--, oxidizes --rusts, as we would say in case of iron-- and loses its potency.

Stabilization process prevents oxidation and the loss of the active substances of the inner gel. So, whether we want to use aloe products, we have rather to choose stabilized products, so as to enjoy all the benefits of aloe anytime we like.

Harvesting Leaves

Harvesting Aloe Vera Leaves

Aloe Vera Leaves

The process of stabilization actually begins from the harvesting of aloe leaves. Fast harvesting and transportation of cut leaves from the plantation to the processing plant is absolutely important, so that the inner gel of the leaf of aloe remains unoxidised.

Processing plants should be located near the plantation. Cicatrization properties of Aloe take care for the aloe plants to remain unoxidised.

In few seconds from the moment we cut a leaf, both plant and leaf are creating a protective seal at the point of the intersection, so as not to lose water content.

Within minutes, the point of the intersection on the plant dries completely, sealing in and protecting the precious contents of aloe from oxidation.

Processing Plant

The cut leaves of aloe when they reach the processing plant, first rinsed several times with running water and then followed by a washing with high pressure water so that all waste be removed.

Aloe Vera Stabilization Process Steel Cans

Aloe Vera
Stabilization Process
Steel Cans

Then, laborers inspect each leaf visually for any defects and cut off the upper and lower parts of the leaves before the final wash in preparing for the extraction of the gel.

Extraction of Aloe Vera Gel from the Leaves

Many manufacturers use the whole leaf of Aloe Vera including the rind of the leaves in their products, no matter if the rind of aloe leaf has not substantial health benefits.

The correct procedure involves separation of aloe gel from the rind and the rind back to the plantation fields for natural recycling.

So, nutrients useful for the plants are returning back to the ground, renewing it. The inner gel extracted from the leaves is filtered to remove the last remnants of unwanted rind and then collected in steel cans. This is the pure Aloe Vera gel.

Main Stabilization Process

Final Test - Analysis of the Stabilized Aloe Vera

Final Test of the
Stabilized Aloe Vera

Then immediately, the gel is processed in a particular scientific process of stabilization. This protects it from oxidation and literally seals the natural potency and value of aloe.

This process is called cold process because the temperature that develops during the process is not so high as is the temperature in the pasteurization process.

As result, the final product, stabilized Aloe Vera gel contains active at any time 97% of aloe natural components.

Following, the gel is being analyzed and tested in the final laboratory tests, to ensure the purity and density and is ready to move to the bottling process.


From the stabilized gel of Aloe Vera is produced mainly Aloe Vera juice. In some cases, adding in aloe juice some other beneficial substances, further enhances its effectiveness. We can find it in different types and flavors.

Bottling process of the stabilized aloe vera

Bottling process

Aloe Vera skin cream is another product useful for the first aid in trauma and burns and to the substantial assistance in dealing with various skin conditions. The gel is used also as raw material for cosmetic products for a healthy make up kit.

The benefits of choosing products from pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel is that we get products with active ingredients, in the purest form and as close as possible to the nature. This is a very important aspect for all products from stabilized Aloe Vera.

Aloe should be in a natural state to be effective, because it is closely similar in structure to the human body. Both the plant extract and the human body share many of the same substances.

Adopting Aloe Vera drink in our daily routine we adopt a substance that is designed by nature to cooperate with the human body. Using antiaging personal care cosmetics with Aloe ensures the health and anti-aging of our skin. There are good reasons to adopt the Aloe Vera skin care regimen as the most wholesome and natural gift to our body.

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