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Make Up Tips

Tips and Tricks

Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips and Tricks

Make Up
Tips and Tricks

Selecting the Right Products

Most important make up tip involve selecting the right products. Unfortunately, many of cosmetics found in stores are not really up to par.

We should look for certain qualities in all our make-up supplies including foundation, eye shadow and liner. Best make up products should address needs of face, especially if we suffer from acne.

Proper skin treatment is an essential aspect of developing a healthy complexion. This skin care's foundation, makes applying make-up a healthful treatment.

Products that contain natural ingredients are ideal. Once we have chosen the perfect face make up kit for our needs, we can literally apply some tips and tricks into our make up routine.

Creating a Natural Look

Fundamental rule to follow when we apply make up is that we don’t want others to know that we are indeed wearing it. Consider creating a natural look that emphasizes your features. A good trick is to apply make up in a way that is designed to make others think, that you are not wearing any.

This subtle approach is ideal for women of all ages. We can always opt for darker shades and looks that are more dramatic on special occasions. When we use subtle enhancement on a regular basis, we avoid looking “made-up” and this is more suitable for special occasions.

Make Up Tricks


Make Up Tips and Tricks for Eyes

Make Up
Tips and Tricks
for Eyes

Many women like to start applying their make up starting with foundation. Others like to start with eyes. This latter is effective because you may find that it is not needed nearly as much foundation as you thought.

When we are looking at a naked face, we may feel more inclined to apply heavier foundation. If eyes are emphasized, we may find that it is needed less make-up foundation.

If you have not slept well or you are tired, basic rule is to make up as much as most distinctive. To obtain more fresh appearance, use eye shadows in the most soothing colors because otherwise it would be "heavy", while stressing your fatigue.

To make your eyes brighter, use soft shimmering shades in gray, salmon, blue, pink or pale purple tone in upper eyelids and a little darker thick outline with the same shade for lower eyelids.

In upper eyelids apply a little white shadow under the edges of eyebrows and finish with plenty of mascara on your lashes.

  • If you're brown or brunette, use black mascara.
  • If you are blond or red-haired, use dark brown or off black.
  • If you have bright skin and hair, use red - violet mascara. It gives a very sweet effect when combined with eye shadows in earthy and tender pink or purple.

Be sure, however, not to use any black pencil or black liquid eyeliner, because both harden the look and simply will make your face look more tired.

Make Up Tips and Tricks for Lips

Make Up
Tips and Tricks
for Lips


Avoid using bright lipstick paired with dark eye make up. These two elements distract from each other.

  • If you are going for a dramatic look for eyes, you want to play down lips by using a natural lipstick tone.
  • If your eyes are understated, then you want to use a brighter color for lips.


Finally make sure your eyebrows are corrected shaped. If they are sparse, highlight them with a same color soft kohl pencil by pressing it into the gaps to create colored dots between eyebrow hair. Then comb with a special brush to get consistent results.

Natural Make-up Products

Shop natural makeup products with Aloe Vera! Beginning with the right products, you can use simple make up tips and tricks to create a natural or a dramatic look, a physical or a striking appearance.

Watch this short video about Sonya Aloe Mineral Make Up

Joy and Health,
Tony - AloeveraChangeslives

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