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Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Aloe Vera for weight loss is all the rage and this is mostly due to its increasingly apparent effectiveness. People who follow weight loss-maintenance programs based on Aloe Vera reap many benefits, that this naturally occurring substance has to offer.

Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

This all-natural approach is one that should be considered because includes convenience, cost-effectiveness and healthy results.

Aloe plant is a member of Asphodelaceae family and it has a vast history as a healing element for skin.

Aloe Vera leaf is filled with a sticky, yellowish substance that offers in many ways.

Traditionally, aloe has been used to soften and smooth texture of skin and for first care of burns and abrasions.

Today, we use aloe in various ways in addition to topical products for skin care. Aloe Vera for weight loss is among the most appealing.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

Staying on course when we are trying to lose weight can be very difficult, especially if we have cravings and it's not time to eat. Aloe can reduce hunger naturally. This may happen for a couple reasons.

Aloe naturally aids digestion, working as a agent that promotes nutritional absorption and detoxification. Detoxification draws out toxins that exist in fat cells and excess fluids that may cause bloating.

It is necessary to detoxify our digestive system to remove harmful components from our body. This approach also helps us absorb healthy nutrients in the process. When our body has the nutrition it needs, we are less likely to have cravings. Fewer cravings mean more self-control.

Healthy Habits and Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

Aloe Vera Plant

Losing excess fat isn’t always easy and many people seek help from stimulants for weight reduction. This approach isn’t healthy and they often find that they gain back all of the weight once they quit taking diet pills.

Aloe Vera in juice form is ideal for weight loss because of its optimal convenience and ease of use and because we need to consume not much of the product to see excellent results.

So, we are adopting a new, healthful habit that we can continue for the rest of our life. We are much more likely to follow an Aloe Vera for weight loss routine that is easy and fit into our busy day.


  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - Calculator
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - Calculator
  • Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) - Calculator

Use these helpful tools to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) and many other useful items to help supplement our exercise routine and facilitate our weight loss goals.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a formula designed to indicate a body’s mass and is used to classify weight categories. Many physicians and nutritionists use BMI as an accurate snap-shot into a person’s health; however other factors should be calculated as well.

Υπολογισμοί σχετικοί με το βάÏ?ος του σώματος
  • Underweight < 18.5
  • Normal 18.5 - 24
  • Overweight 25 - 29
  • Obese 30 - 40

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is a formula used to calculate the amount of energy used while at rest.

It tells us how many calories we burn a day while not doing any sort of strenuous activity. Basically this tells us how many calories our body burns to simply breathe, eat and do other on-strenuous activities. These are the calories that we burn while "at rest".

Active Metabolic Rate (AMR)

The Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) calculates the calories we burn each day to support our activity level. After we calculate our AMR, add this to our BMR for the total number of calories that we need to consume a day to maintain our current weight. If we eat less then we are burning, we will start to lose weight. If we eat more than we are burning, we will gain weight.

  • Calories you eat = Calories you burn = Maintain your weight
  • Calories you eat > Calories you burn = Gain weight
  • Calories you eat < Calories you burn = Lose weight

Caloric Intake

Caloric Intake breakdown tells how many calories we should consume through carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Enter the number of calories that we would like to consume per day based on what we have just calculated with our BMR and AMR.

Calories burned

Calories burned will calculate the amount of calories expelled during certain activities. Pick an activity in the drop-down menu, and then enter the time and your weight.

Ideal Body Weight

Ideal Body Weight will tell our normal weight according to our appropriate sex and height.

Target Heart Rate

Target Heart Rate will calculate our target heart rate for optimal fat burning or cardiovascular training.

  • Optimal % for Fat Burning is between 55% - 70% of our maximum heart rate.
  • Optimal % for Cardiovascular training is between 70% - 85% of our maximum heart rate.

Enter your age and the appropriate percentage depending on your exercise goals. You will then see your Target heart rate and the recommended target range of beats per minute.

The Walking/Distance

The Walking/Distance calculator can determine the time, distance or pace we've walked. For example, if you enter the time and distance we've walked, the calculator will compute our pace. Or if you enter our pace and the time we walked, it will compute the distance.

Weight Management Products

What would you consider to be the ideal diet?

  • One that tastes good,
  • is easy to follow,
  • boosts energy levels and of course,
  • maintains ideal weight?

Good news! A combination of this range of weight management products and Aloe Vera for weight loss products will assist us in doing that, and will help us reach our weight management goal!

Joy and Health,
Tony - AloeveraChangeslives

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