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Who is Strato?

  • Yia sas! This is a Greek greeting that means "be healthy", "stay healthy". Efstratios Kallintzis is my name.
    I know, it’s a little bit difficult to pronounce this name, if you don't speak Greek, so please call me Strato ... Read more: Yia sas, Be Healthy!
  • Assuming that each concept has at least two sides, "Who is Strato?" has also two sides! The first side, the "happy moments and the happy end" version has been presented at Yia sas, Be Healthy!
    Now this part of the series is the one we'll talk about difficulties, dead ends, glitches and more stuff like this. We'll also talk about solutions to our problems and specifically about one common solution for all our problems ... Read more: Common Solution

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Prosperity via Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! - Apr 17, 2009

Nutrition equals Medicine? - Image by Strato

"Join the trip"! Find out how to reach Prosperity via Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!.

Driver is Strato lensmaster!

--Update May, 15, 2011,--

The first Squidoo Lens! Rather more as an experiment. Though it is running smoothly. Second Lens followed!

What is a Squidoo Lens? Well it is actually a web page. It is like any other page on the web, except only that everyone can create her or his own Lens and write a page about any topic.

Feel free to Create a Lens! Just follow the steps. It's easily and free! Have fun as I did!


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Joy and Health,
Strato - AloeveraChangeslives

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